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Phi makes it debut at the Nasty Women’s Art Exhibition, Institute Library, New Haven, CT

Jill Harrington Nichols’ painting career emerged at the start of the new millennium. She has studied with prominent artists and earned her MFA, in painting, at Western Connecticut State University. Imbuing oils with color and light, Jill captures her profound reverence of nature. Her paintings are in notable collections and exhibited nationally in museums and galleries. Please visit her Facebook Fine Art page for updates.

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Artist Statement
I paint from a place of gratitude. My painting is poetry; a lyrical composition of color and light. When I am painting I am in the moment, thoroughly present and enraptured. I experience a sense of peace, as well as an urgency to capture and share the moment.


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  1. Hi Jill, There was a gorgeous painting of two little girls on a beach at the Fairfield Women’s Exchange not too long ago. I loved it and would love something similar of my two children. I wrote down your name at the time I was there and googling now, hopefully this is you! Please let me know and if you would be able to do a painting from a picture? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks so much,

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