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 Studio Landscapes

Plein Air paintings & Studies

“En Plein air” is a French Term that translates to “painting in the open air”. Though the French Impressionist brought new awareness and excitement, painting on location is a tradition that dates back for centuries. There is a certain life force that exists in the plein air painting, a ‘live performance’ so to speak. A moment in time, the light charged particles glowing in the atmosphere, the birds and crickets singing, fragrances of fruits and flowers floating on the air, capturing nature’s many moods.

I find that when I can let myself go, not cloaking myself, without preemptive strikes, that my work results in a very fresh and honest expression to which people relate. 

Below please Jill’s plein air paintings, organized by location. Please check back occasionally to view the updated galleries with Jill’s newest paintings done on location …. There are many more images available, too numerous to show here. Consider a visit to my home studio gallery to have a look.

Italy – Plein Air & Studies

Selection of paints from the 14th century open window studio, villa and grounds amongst the olive groves. Paintings were done as demos for a workshop that I conducted in the summer of 2019. The day after the workshop I delivered my artwork to the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gondolfo. I hope to run another workshop soon – as soon as its safe to travel. Some of the paintings below are from my initial trip to the villa that prompted me to initiate a painting workshop & retreat. Until it is prudent to travel and gather I am offering online painting lessons – workshops, critiques and videos.

Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine – Plein Air & Studies

Connecticut is home-base for Jill. This offers her the opportunity to capture Connecticut’s and neighboring state’s many moods and seasons. Many of these paintings were created near Jill’s home where she enjoys walking the nature trails. Several of these paintings were done on one of the all time favorite areas for painter’ – Monhegan Island, first made popular by the Wyeth family and their painter friends. Please contact Jill if you’d be interested in taking plein air painting lessons or workshops – these will be limited to one on one or small groups until further notice.

California – Plein Air & Studies

Puerto Rico, Bermuda and the Sargasso Sea – Plein Air & Studies

I was in Puerto Rico when two large earthquakes rocked the small island – a 5.8 and then a 6.4. Painting centers me- the strokes are staccato -painted in the moment with the light and colors fading at each stroke. Clean up had to wait until the morning because we had lost power shortly after the quake. These paintings are 6″ x 8″, oil on linen.

Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
One-Day Painting Workshop
LIVE Instruction & Interaction
Saturday 10am – Noon(EST)

Regardless of your age or skill level, YOU are creative!

Painting Clouds – Learn how to create the essential ingredient to any landscape painting. Registration and suggested supply list @
"Cloud Plasticity", 36″ x36″, Oil on canvas
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
"Golden Sequentials"
The Fibonacci sequence (a series of numbers where in every number in it is the sum of the two preceding ones) aided Jill in creating a sense of depth looking down as well as the vastness of the horizon. Read more about her process at
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
"Washington D.C." – Oil on Linen, 24in x 36in, Collection of James and Patrice Comey
This commissioned painting, looking at Washington D. C. from the George Washington Memorial Parkway, served as the backdrop for James Comey’s interview on Face the Nation. Visit Newsworthy @ to read more about Jill's powerfully charged images.

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Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art updated their status.
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Improve your painting in real-time, Jill will demonstrate painting Clouds and review you work during this live event on February 27th. Register @

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Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Nichols Interviews with Lisa Scails at the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut. Jill speaks to her ‘aha’ moment, inspiration from nature and science, understanding beauty and what art can bring to a time like this (during Covid-19). More @
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art

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