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New Abstract Prints Available – Pieces of Phi

“John and I love choosing those works that please our senses and our souls. 
You have become a big hit in our home, and it is a pleasure to be one of your “patrons”.”

Leslie P
Jill Nichols watercolor painting of water in glass

Painting “Summer Heat”, available

Jill Nichols Fine Art-Italy Plein air painting
Painting Workshops
Castle Marouatte
Jill Nichols with her painting "Phi" and the Director of the Vatican Observatory.

Jill with Brother Guy, Director of the Vatican Observatory Museum, viewing Jill’s painting, “Phi”. Prints of “Phi” and “Juno” are installed at the Vatican Observatory Museum.

Read more about it at the links below.
Learn about “Phi”.
Read more about “Juno”.

Insights – find out more about Jill’s art and life.

“When my art was chosen to be installed in the Vatican,
I felt a sense of reassurance and validation
of my work and my source.”

Jill Harrington Nichols in Hearst Publications, January 2021


Washington D.C. Oil on Linen, 24" x 36", collection of James and Patrice Comey

Jill’s painting “Washington D.C.” served as the backdrop for the former FBI Director’s “Face the Nation” interview.

She only became aware of the August 23, 2020 airing when she first read messages from viewers.

Saw Mr. Comey on Face the Nation. The painting struck me like a thunderbolt. Found it and you! Magnificent!” Sarah U. Read More.

Jill’s painting, “Grand Canyon” appeared in “The Comey Rule” in the set of the former FBI Director’s office. Read More.

Frame from The Comey Rule with Jill's artwork
Monhegan Lighthouse Keeper

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3 thoughts on “Jill Harrington Nichols”

  1. Wonderful artwork dear Jill – love looking at your new work – must be stunning when viewed in person. Happy for all your success !


  2. Leslie Pfriem

    Jill, old friend, I am crazy about your new piece, Cuprous Luna, and would love to own it. I commented on Facebook but hope you see this before it gets snatched away. Please let me know details.

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