Cosmos to the Deep Sea

I’m fortunate to be associated with not only scientists in the Vatican Observatory but also with Bruce Strickrott, chief pilot of Alvin, the deep submersible operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, on behalf of the US Navy. Alvin at 60, (left), is being retrofitted to reach depths of a unprecedented 6,500 meters. Alvin’s inaugural dive will be September in the Abyssal trench near Puerto Rico. Learn More.

Genai Corban his partner is deeply involved with another of my interests, the Woods Hole Film Festival. Learn More. Genai contacted me for a selection of my prints to serve as a backdrop for their online conferences in their Woods Hole home.

The Strickrott/Corbon Collection

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Monhegan Boats, 8” x 10”
Barn Shadows 12” x 9”
Mohegan Lightkeepers House 9” x 12”
Sitting This One Out 8” x 10”
Highwatch 9” x 12”
Sailing Nefertiti 10” x 20”