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Studio Landscapes

Plein Air Paintings & Memories

“En Plein air” is a French Term that translates to “painting in the open air”. Though the French Impressionist brought new awareness and excitement, painting on location is a tradition that dates back for centuries. There is a certain life force that exists in the plein air painting, a ‘live performance’ so to speak. A moment in time, the light charged particles glowing in the atmosphere, the birds and crickets singing, fragrances of fruits and flowers floating on the air, capturing nature’s many moods. I find that when I can let myself go, without preemptive strikes, that my work results in a very fresh and honest expression. 

Below please my plein air paintings, organized by location. Please check back occasionally to view the updated galleries with Jill’s newest paintings done on location …. There are many more images available, too numerous to show here. Consider a visit to my home studio gallery to have a look.


Paintings were done as demos and studies for a workshop that I conducted in Italy during the summer of 2019. The day after the workshop I delivered my artwork to the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gondolfo. Please check my workshop page for upcoming workshops or visit the Italy painting workshop & retreat.

Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine

Connecticut is home-base for Jill. This offers her the opportunity to capture Connecticut’s and neighboring state’s many moods and seasons. Many of these paintings were created near Jill’s home where she enjoys walking the nature trails. Several of these paintings were done on one of the all time favorite areas for painter’ – Monhegan Island, first made popular by the Wyeth family and their painter friends. Please contact Jill if you’d be interested in taking plein air painting lessons or workshops.


Puerto Rico, Bermuda and the Sargasso Sea

Below please find paintings from my travels to the islands of Puerto Rico and Bermuda as well as my sailing the Sargasso Sea below.

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  1. Hi Jill,
    It appears that you give private lessons or workshops, am I right?
    I’m in need of someone who might come to my studio (recently transformed garage), or take me in the field for plein air, and help me bring my self-taught painting to a new level. Thank you, Tracey

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