Paintings on Metal

Phi Carina Nebula
Phi, 101” x 36”, oil on reclaimed copper
“Phi” began with very humble beginnings on a scrap of copper and found its way into the Vatican Observatory Museum. In “Phi [ϕ]” we are brought to the inner chambers of the Carina Nebula and Mother Mary’s universal loving heart and the wisdom of the Feminine Holy Spirit, Sophia.  Read more 

These paintings are all painted various reclaimed metal substrates, including copper, aluminum and recycled steel lithographic plates. The hard surfaces allow for multiple layers of transparent paint to glow as the luminosity of the metal shines through.

The ‘Flow’ series is a study of moving water and speaks to boundaries and unity. The clouds, soft ethereal vapors juxtaposed on the hard aluminum and copper surfaces.

Maria, oil on copper
Maria, oil on copper

‘Maria’ is named after the hurricane that devastated islands in the Caribbean and created a beautiful skyscape as the clouds swept over Connecticut.

Into the Mystic, oil on reclaimed copper
Into the Mystic, oil on reclaimed copper

‘Into the Mystic’ was my first painting on scrap copper, an experiment in creating on the patina and shiny metal surfaces.

Olana Storm, oil on aluminum
Olana Storm, oil on aluminum, 10″ x 20″

Olana on a scrap of aluminum flashing brings us the hope of a rainbow.

Aluminum and copper illuminate clouds