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Our Banner in the Sky, Frederic Edwin Church, 1861

The events of January 6th, 2020 prompted me to share the painting, Our Banner in the Sky, above, by Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900). The Stars and Stripes of the Union flag conjured from the firmament, painted shortly after the attack on Fort Sumter that sparked the Civil War in 1861. Read More in Jill’s Blog.

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Jill’s ‘Phi’ and ‘Juno’ are now installed in the Vatican

Jill offers her Online Painting Lessons as a healing & transformative practice. Find your creative place while enhancing your painting practice with Jill’s Online Painting Lessons – participate in live instruction and follow her videos. Find out more here.

Prints of Jill’s paintings “Phi” and “Juno” are now included in the collection of the Vatican Observatory Museum. The museum is mainly dedicated to historical astronomical instruments and other artifacts. However, one special room directly below the Schmidt telescope is being dedicated to astronomical art. Read More

Signed Limited Edition Prints of Phi and Juno are now available. Add one to your collection today! Purchase one at Jill’s Art Shop!

Phi in the Vatican Observatory
Phi in the Vatican Observatory ‘Phi’ pictured here in the Vatican Observatory, Based on the Carina Nebula, Phi speaks to the Unity found through the Divine Feminine. READ

Online Painting Lessons with Jill!

New one-day workshops starting January 28th

New In-Living Art. Jill has put her artwork on a few choice styles

Jill’s painting serves as a backdrop for Comey’s interview on “Face the Nation”

Jill’s painting of Washington D.C., commissioned by the Comey’s, served as the backdrop for James Comey’s interview on Face the Nation. Jill only became aware of the August 23, 2020 airing when she first read my messages from viewers that reached out. One viewer’s comment, “Saw Mr. Comey on Face the Nation. The painting struck me like a thunderbolt. Found it and you! Magnificent! Sarah U

To learn more about the painting please visit my blog titled, Washington D.C., Comey, … See More

Washington D. C. Painting backdrop for James Comey interview on Face the Nation
August 23, 2020: Jill’s painting of Washington D.C., commissioned by the Comey’s, served as the backdrop for James Comey’s interview on

Jill’s Grand Canyon and Showtime’s Comey’s Rule

The Comey Rule-This is the story of how my painting of the Grand Canyon found its way into former FBI Director James Comey’s Office and the CBS/Showtime TV show “The Comey Rule”. Read more

Jill receives an award from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.

Jill’s painting, “Weir Farm Summer’s Day” exhibited in the Weir Farm National Historic Site received an honorable mention award from U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service. View her painting, in the Advanced Artist Category, at the Online Exhibit through April 30, 2021. Jill’s often paints onsite at the Weir Farm National Historic Site which is dedicated to promoting painting. Read more about Weir farm on Jill’s blog the America the Beautiful. To purchase a print please visit the Art Shop.

Weir Farm Summer's Day, en Plein air, oil on linen, 16"x20"
Weir Farm Summer’s Day, en Plein air, oil on linen, 16″x20″

Flow – A Study of Moving Water on Steel

Flow, oil on steel, 24″ x 36″

Oil on Steel, 24” x 36” (lithography plates from former artist)

 “Flow” is a study of moving water. To date there are four paintings in the series. I have been working them in rotation and have 9 more gifted sheets of steel that I may possibly use to expand the series. At first, I was fascinated by the play of light; translucent jewels of blues and greens, edges setting off sparks and undulations. As I painted, I became interested in the boundaries that were defined by obstacles; Read More

Interview with Lisa Scails at the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut on Artists Sunday 2020


Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Open to all! Get real-time feedback on your techniques!
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
Jill Harrington Nichols Fine Art
One-Day Workshop – Paint Clouds! Clouds are the essential ingredient to any landscape painting. Work alongside Jill creating clouds in oil painting.

This workshop will take place online – January 28th, 2021, 10 am – 12 pm. You will receive the link once you are registered, at www.jillnichols.com

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I look forward to hearing from you! Jill

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