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Jill offers her Online Painting Lessons as a healing & transformative practice.

Find your creative place while enhancing your painting practice with Jill’s Online Painting Lessons – follow her videos and participate in live instruction.

Three Membership levels to choose from – all created with you in mind.
Take your painting to the next level.

Stay on track with your painting and discover the secrets of color, composition, value, edges, and more. Jill interacts directly with students in real time. Students will share their work for constructive feedback.

You can benefit from just sitting in too. Once you are registered you will receive your links to upload your work and link/password to join the on-line critique(s). If you are interested in enhancing your painting please be sure to become a member today – choose the level that best suits your needs today!

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Basic Membership: Perfect for the painter that’s just starting out or has limited time to spend painting. A monthly check-in and lesson to help keep you on track. Access to a one-hour group critique each month. Plus unlimited access  to all beginner and starter videos, discounts on personal lessons and premier videos. 
$10. per month, Free Trial – 30 days.

Apprentice Membership: For the painter that is committed to painting and looking for an affordable option for painting lessons to stay on track. Access to two one-hour group critiques each month. Access to instruction videos. Discounts on personal lessons and premier videos.
$20. per month – Free Trial – 14 days.

Master Membership: For the committed painter that’s ready to take it up a notch. One hour of one-on-one private instruction per month and two one-hour group critiques, plus access to all instruction videos, including premier editions. First option and discounts on painting workshops. All for less than the cost of one lesson a month. Limited enrollment. $75. Free Trial – 7 days.

All memberships are a one year subscription with a free trial. Cancel at anytime. Notification of cancellation must be at least 14 days before the following month to allow processing time. Otherwise you may be charged for the following month.

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Online Painting Lessons
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Jill’s custom made videos

Acquire skills and develop your own style with a series of videos intended to jumpstart the beginner and offer techniques in painting the landscape and still life.

Studio Landscape: Painting the Italian countryside from plein air studies and photo reference. colors, value, composition and capturing light with hands-on demonstration.
Studio Still Life: This video is Part One of two. In part one we learn how to start a painting. Color and form, capturing light, value are just a few of the things that Jill touches upon.
Plein air (outdoor): Monet’s Water Lilies in Connecticut with a surprise visit from a snapping turtle

Beginner Videos : This series of three videos addresses the needs of the very beginner or those in need of a refresher. Topics cover the very basics of painting; including the palette, paints, colors, brush choice and use, solvents and substrates. The exercises can be done in any painting medium and offer a solid foundation to build on as we continue through creating several paintings in subsequent videos. List of materials provided below.

The Palette (click here): Exercise in paint choice, brush choice and use, color-mixing and creating a palette of colors as a reference for future paintings.
Lets’s start at the very beginning…
Color Walk: (click here) Emulate nature’s beautiful palette through color mixing from found objects.
Learn how to color mix oil paints -perfect for the beginner or student in need of a refresher.

Quick Tips

Here’s what you will need:


Blues: Ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, (or cobalt blue, pthalo)
Yellows: Cadmium yellow pale, cadmium yellow deep, (or cadmium yellow medium, hansa yellows)
Reds: Alizarin crimson, Cadmium red light, (or cadmium red)
Earth Tones: Yellow Ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber and Sap green
Large White: Titanium or mixing white

Recommended Paint Brands:
Budget: Daler-Rowney Georgian
Good Quality: Gamblin, Utrecht, Grumbacher
Best Quality with intense pigments: Old Holland, Williamsburg


Think of your brushes as an investment. The best brushes are natural bristles because they will hold up better and are the easiest to clean. I have created a list of budget brushes for those that just want to try painting out, however I strongly encourage the purchase of better brushes for better results with less frustration.


Disposable palette- good for students just starting out, easy cleanup, portable
Wood – sturdy, portable, easy to scrape, easiest for plein air
Glass – best for those with a permanent studio space, good for seeing colors, easy to scrape

Solvent & Oils:

Mineral spirits: Prefer Gamsol because it is the least toxic
Lavender Oil- Chelsea Classical Studio offers a wonderful alternative using natural ingredients that work for a solvent and brush cleaner
Gamsol vegetable solvent- gel in tube, non-toxic, shinny finish, adds a little body, portable, great for plein air
Linseed Oil- tried and true
Walnut Oil – leaves a shinny finish
Stand Oil – Thick and viscous
Clove Oil – Apply over paints on palette to retard drying


An easel will be important for the ease of your painting. Please note that if you are planning on painting en plein air (outdoors) then you will want to purchase a portable easel- I find that the Julian Half box easel works very well. This can also double as a studio easel and is easy to set up and stow away if you have limited space. There are also table top easels if you prefer to sit at a table. Visit Jill’s list for details-follow link above.

Other Necessities:

Palette knife (2), rags/paper towels, garbage bag for used towels, canvas or gessoed board, primed paper, clean jars for solvent

NOTE: All demos will be done with oil paints. You may opt to use acrylics replacing water for solvent and gel for a medium. Watercolors require different techniques than oils (and Acrylics). Please check back again for Jill’s watercolor videos.

One Stop Shopping for Art Supplies at Dick Blick – Jill has already developed an affordable lists of painting materials for you, including list of paints and selection of brushes – CLICK HERE then go menu on upper left to Educators, Blick U, student then under state popup find Online and scroll down to my name Jill Nichols Art Lessons
Need a little more direction? Consider using one of Jill’s step by step paint kits that use a ghosted image of either her Lighthouse or Poppy painting. Click here to order one of Jill’s Learn how to Paint Kits.

See you soon!!

Online Classes developed with the assistance of a Connecticut Department of the Arts Grant.