Phi Silk Scarf – Made in Italy


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At the first brush on your skin you’ll feel in touch with the power and beauty of the  divine feminine in this custom made silk scarf made in Italy. Created from Jill’s painting, “Phi” that is in the Vatican Observatory Museum. Grace yourself with confidence while wearing this one of a kind scarf/shawl, 24.8 x 66 inches,  63×168 cm, 100% Crepe de Chine Silk with rolled hem. Read more about the story of “Phi” and how it came to be in the Vatican Observatory Museum on Jill’s blog.

100% Crepe de Chine Silk with rolled hem

24.8 x 6.14 inches,  63×168 cm

multicolor, versatile, coppers, verdigris, blue, white, yellow, pink

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