Phi Carina Nebula

Divine Cosmos Exhibit – April 6 – June 4, 2022

“The Divine Cosmos”, a collection of paintings created by Jill Nichols celebrating the heart, soul, and beauty of the cosmos and divine feminine will be on exhibit at the Mary Daly Gallery, through June 4, 2022. Included in the exhibit are two paintings that are featured in the Vatican Observatory Museum, an astronomical research and educational institution supported by the Holy See. In “Phi [ϕ]” we are brought to the inner chambers of the Carina nebula and Mother Mary’s universal loving heart with the wisdom of the Feminine Holy Spirit.  In “Juno”, named after the Goddess of Fertility, Nichols investigates the relationships and infinite scalability of finite matter through swirls of fluid dynamics in our largest planetary neighbor Jupiter. These sizable paintings of the outer expanses of our universe are accompanied by a selection of more earthbound inspirations, lyrical compositions of color and light that capture and envelop the ineffable.

Mercy by the Sea Retreat Center
167 Neck Rd, Madison, CT
Seascape painting by Jill Nichols

Bruce Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Library Exhibit

April 6 – June 4, 2022

1080 Old Post Rd, Fairfield, CT
(203) 256-3155

Flow Series installed at Silvermine Art Gallery for the faculty show, Spring 2022