Spring Workshop at Silvermine – Color Alchemy Weekend Workshop

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10 AM – 4 PM, Saturday, May 6 & Sunday, May 7 

color alchemy
Class Demonstration Painting of the importance of color and value. Note how the orange is the same value as the background and completely disappears in the grayscale.

This is a two-day combination workshop of lecture, demonstration, and painting that will investigate color, the most complicated and elusive element in painting. We will be exploring the interactions, palettes, value, temperature, saturation, intensity, and placement in composition,  As well as color theory, science, cultural and psychological meanings.

Students will take away an enhanced working knowledge of color and handy reference materials, nuances of color mixing, and valuable paint application techniques.

New challenges, concepts, and exercises will be available to the returning student. 

Note that students can work in the medium of their choice including oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pastel at their own pace. 

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